WalTech Smart RV Thermostat WiFi+LTE ( $49 Down payment)

WalTech Smart RV Thermostat WiFi+LTE ( $49 Down payment)


You are paying $49 to book this product. Pay $200+shipping when the product is ready to be shipped. 

Please Note: Not Compatible with some Dometic 3 wire thermostats. Please contact us contact@waltechint.com if you have questions.


  • Dometic Users Please Read!

    3wire communication systems like Dometic or any other thermostat with communication wires are not directly compatible with our thermostat. You need to first upgrade your control box to use WalTech Smart RV Thermostat.

    If you are not looking to make changes in your control box, we are currently in the process of manufacturing an external adaptor to make installation easy for some thermostats with communication wires. Stay tuned and subscribe to our updates.