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As a family, it is important for you to know the story,

With more than 30 years of HVAC expertise and passion for Rving, I've always been fascinated by smart home IoT products and looking for options to make my Camper smart so that I can control from anywhere in the world like my home. Like my other RV friends, I was disappointed searching online for a similar product because RV’s thermostats generally work from 7.5 to 12v DC and there is no Smart Thermostat in the world built to works on that power range.

Then we started doing a survey online which involved 100’s of RV owners and more than 70% of them said they all did some or other sort of DIY projects to create their own workarounds to try to have some semblance of a SMART thermostat; however, these workarounds could only turn the thermostat on or off (rather than changing the temperature, switching between heat and AC, and having complete control from anywhere in the world) and were sometimes unsafe.

BANG! We found the problem and now we were all in to build a perfect solution for our fellow RVers.

With years of technology industry experience of my partner/Co-Founder and my industry knowledge on RV/HVAC systems, we were able to build an excellent team and build a perfect solution for millions of RVers out there in the market.

How did we go beyond being just a thermostat?

We have RVers in mind and that made us go the extra mile.

  • We took care of the security concern by building a motion sensor alert feature.

  • We looked at the HVAC energy cost and built a software analytical solution by helping them track their HVAC runtime.

  • We thought about wilderness and backcountry RVers, so we made our product both Wi-fi and cellular powered so that it can stay connected picking the best cellular network

  • We know that more than 60% of RV owners travel with their pets. So we incorporated pet monitoring into our thermostats so that both you and your pets are safe and comfortable. 


All in all, we successfully developed the world's most versatile Smart Thermostat specifically designed for my fellow RVers.


Dan Walsdorf

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